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On points about the differences between Orthodoxy and Catholicism:


unity: the Catholic Church is one, although it consists not only of Roman Catholics (Latin rite), but also of several ancient Eastern Churches, the head of the Church is Christ, the visible head is the Pope. Orthodoxy is disunited — there are only 16 official church communities, and how many unrecognized ones like the UOC-KP!

calendar: Catholics use the Gregorian (modern), a significant part of the Orthodox — Julian and New Julian;

the language of worship: earlier the language of the Catholic Church was Latin, in Orthodox church communities — national…

In fact, the Americans were hardly persuaded to do so. Until now, in the United States, a conspiracy theory about a certain corruption conspiracy is extremely common: they say, certain people (there are different versions here) perfectly “drank” on such a deal, which in fact at the moment did not meet the interests of the United States. There is no evidence, of course, but synchronous public opinion was really ambiguous, many sources say about this.
The fact that almost the entire press supported the deal (in fact, only the New-York Tribune was against the major newspapers) further fuels the version of…

A language dies when there are no people left who speak it in everyday life. In this sense, Latin is dead. However, it is still used by lawyers, doctors and pharmacists, and Catholic priests. The classification of animals in biology is conducted in Latin, until the end of the 19th century, Latin was taught in gymnasiums and universities. More recently, only one who could read the speeches of Cicero and the memoirs of Julius Caesar in the original was considered a scientist.

In addition, Latin has become the mainstream of many living languages, linguists call them the languages ​​of the…

4600 years ago, Egypt. Glittering with copper plates on rich robes, the leaders led the Badarian tribes into a decisive battle with the army of the city of Tinis. It’s time to show the arrogant upstarts of the Scorpio king that the free Nile is stronger than their stone walls!


But the stone spears and bone arrows of the Badarians bounced off the sparkling Egyptian armor. And the brass axes could not cut through the strange metal on them. King Scorpio defeated the army of leaders and conquered Badaria. This is how Africa first became acquainted with bronze.

After all…

65 million years ago, the planet of dinosaurs disappeared in an instant. When a monstrous roar and impact covered Mexico with a fiery wave, the world of dinosaurs that ruled the Earth for 150 million years came to an end. Those who survived the hundred-meter tsunamis and fires suffocated in a thick layer of volcanic ash, starved to death or froze to death over the next hundreds of years.

Survived small and cunning — mammals the size of a squirrel covered with fur. Birds covered with feathers. In the midst of a nuclear winter, total darkness and ash blizzards, they…

James sat in a tight capsule 109 cm in diameter, hunched over like a snail. It was uncomfortable and very exciting. The bathyscaphe, weighing 11.8 tons and 7 m long, was rapidly sinking down into a dark bottomless abyss. The divers on the surface have turned into tiny figures. And then they disappeared altogether. Everything has been worked out to the smallest detail, but anything can happen at depth. There is no turning back. Only forward and nothing else.

Canadian filmmaker and explorer James Cameron b. 1952 became famous all over the world as the creator of the famous films…

Many foreigners who communicate with Russian people are surprised by the erudition of our compatriots. My friend Michael, who has been living in Moscow for 6 years, was also surprised.

He studied Russian while still in Germany, studied in Russia for several years, and then got a job in our country. I used to work with him, and I was always interested in how the Russians differ from the Germans.

And he always joked to me and answered: “The Russians are distinguished by the fact that they are smarter than the Germans. Even Hitler knew this and secretly envied the…

I recently watched an interview on YouTube with Roland, who is from Switzerland. I did not live for myself in this wonderful country, and then I decided to visit Russia. Fell in love with the country and stayed here to live.

In his interview, he says: how did this happen? His answers seemed very interesting to me, and I decided to share them with you.

“When I was young, I fell in love with Russia: there were several Russian guys at the university where I studied: I immediately felt mutual understanding between us, we were friends,” says Roland.
“In Hollywood films…

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